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ATU 2017 04-072 

April 17th, 2017


To: Presidents and Secretaries General of ATU MNAs

Re: ATU Poomsae Education Seminar Application




Dear ATU Presidents and Secretaries General,



I would like to express my deepest appreciation of your effort and contribution for the development of Taekwondo.


As the new Poomsae event is adopted as an official game for the 18th Jakarta - Palembang Asian Games, we would like to provide education on the new Poomsae and its competition rules. If any association that wishes to host the following education seminar, please apply within the deadline provided for each sub-continental union.



Sub-Continental Union

Max No. of allocation

Seminar Period


South East Asia

2 countries

In between Jul. 10th~Jul. 20th (5 days)

April 30th

In between Oct. 2nd~Oct. 30th (5 days)

July 30th

West Asia

1 country

In between Jul. 20th~Jul. 30th (5 days)

April 30th

Central Asia

1 country

In between Aug. 2nd~Aug. 20th (5 days)

May 30th

South West Asia

1 country

In September (5 days)

May 30th

East Asia

1 country

In November (5 days)

July 30th



Conditions for application:

1. Provide education facility for 70 ~ 100 participants (stadium or gym)

2. Provide accommodation, meals and transportation for 3 dispatched Korean instructors

3. Provide hotel information and transportation(bus) for the participants




If you are interested in hosting education seminar, please submit the application form and apply by the deadline by fax (+82-31-709-9994) or email (




Yours sincerely,




Kyu Seok Lee





Encl. 1. Information of Sub Continental Unions

          2. Application form to host Education Seminar for New Poomsae and Poomsae Competition Rules