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ATU 2017 04-075 

April 24th, 2017


To: Presidents and Secretaries General of ATU MNAs

      ATU Council Members

Re: Candidate Profile Book of 2017 ATU Elections



Dear ATU Colleagues,


I send you my warmest greetings from the Asian Taekwondo Union.


As you are well aware, there will be an ATU Extraordinary General Assembly to elect ATU officials in Muju, Korea on June 23rd, 2017.


In accordance with Article 6. 6-B of the ATU Statutes, ATU received Candidate Application Form and all required documents and ATU Ad-Hoc Elections Committee reviewed all submitted applications to confirm whether or not they satisfy the requirements.


Please find the Candidate Profile Book of 2017 ATU Elections containing a list of Candidates and information about each candidate’s experience and vision.



The Candidate Profile Book is intended only for the consideration of ATU MNA Presidents and ATU Council Members. Therefore, please do not share this document.


Best regards,




Young Gap Kim


Chairman of Elections Committee



Encl. Event Schedule

Candidate Profile Book of 2017 ATU Elections

No. Subject Author Date Views
24 RESULT_1st WTF President's Cup - Asian Region_Tashkent, Uzbekistan file admininistrator 2017.08.16 319
23 Outline_President's Cup-Asian Region_Final file admininistrator 2017.08.03 158
22 Invitation to 2017 Kimunyong Cup International Open Taekwondo Championships file admininistrator 2017.05.19 680
» ATU_Candidate Profile Book of 2017 ATU Elections file admininistrator 2017.05.15 8204
20 2017KIMUNYONGCUP INTERNATIONAL OPEN TAEKWONDO CHAMPIONSHIPS(10.28~11.1 file admininistrator 2017.04.28 313
19 Award certificate of President for a Hero - Gi Su Lee, Sri Lanka Taekwondo admininistrator 2017.01.04 1170
18 Congratulations to Mr. Milan Kwee admininistrator 2016.10.29 462
17 2016 Integrated Education and Training admininistrator 2016.10.21 1437
16 2016 New Poomsae Seminar admininistrator 2016.10.04 628
15 2016 Rio Olympic Results admininistrator 2016.10.04 348
14 Result of the 1st Asian Junior Taekwondo Poomsae Championships_May 4th admin 2016.07.14 920
13 Outline of the 24th Fajr Cup Open Championships_Iran admin 2016.07.14 538
12 List of 2013 WTF recognized company admin 2016.07.14 577
11 18th International Poomsae Referee Seminar & 15th International Poomsae Referee Refresher Course admin 2016.07.14 1672
10 Result of the 6th Asian Junior Taekwondo Championships_May 6th~8th admin 2016.07.14 595
9 Announcement of the hosting countries for 2014 WTF Kyorugi/Poomsae IRS & IRRC admin 2016.07.14 533
8 Revised Outlines on the 21st Asian Taekwondo Championships and the 3rd Asian Taekwondo Poomsae Championships, Tashkent~ admin 2016.07.14 833
7 Outlines of the 2015 1st Cadet Championships & the 1st Cadet Poomsae Championships admin 2016.07.14 530
6 17th Incheon Asian Games_Medal Standings admin 2016.07.14 394
5 Meeting minutes of the ATU Extraordinary General Assembly in MUJU, Korea admin 2016.07.14 596